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He is a kind and brotherly character, often acting as a voice of reason.He is also more intelligent that Orange, although this is very easy to do so Passion Fruit, simply called Passion by her friends, is a passionfruit.

Episodes are characterized by his taunting and annoying his victims-to-be with his adolescent behavior that frequently includes burping, pestering, puns, and play-on-words.

After succeeding in annoying Jigsaw, Marshmallow moved into the kitchen and shares counter space with Midget Apple.

It is a recurring gag in the series that he would catch fire or suffer a misfortune similar to the other foods that Orange has annoyed, however Marshmallow seems to be unaffected by these, as he is even shown bathing in a mug of hot chocolate.

She lives on the same counter in the same kitchen as the others, having been brought into the kitchen along with Grapefruit, who later got cut up by Knife. Although she eventually became friends with the other fruits, Passion is still turned off by insults and scolds Pear and Orange whenever they engage in them.

She often will try to settle issues and stop Orange from being annoying.

Other characters include Pear, his best friend who still is annoyed by him, Passion Fruit, his love interest, Midget Apple, a tiny apple who often acts as a voice of reason with Pear, and Marshmallow, a young squeaky marshmallow with a buckload of childish interests, as well as a few other characters such as the narcissitic Grapefruit, narcoleptic Grandpa Lemon, the irritable Liam the Leperchaun, and the actual Knife.

Annoying Orange Hit 2.5 Million Subscribers On August 8, 2012.

In 2014, he made a server in Minecraft called Orangecraft mc.

Orange's history may have began before the series debuted; a talking orange first appeared in one of Boedigheimer's videos on March 16, 2007.

Although he is very sweet and cheerful, he is very dangerous when angred.

A joke in FAQ's is that Marshmallow is never stated to be a boy or a girl.

He is a friend of Orange, Pear, Passion and Marshmallow, but hates being called "Midget Apple".