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Plus, Wen Tao has to finish the film pronto to satisfy the unsavory types bankrolling the whole thing, and his newfound notoriety for being a "casting couch" director isn't making life easier. In the Big Movie tradition, Two Stupid Eggs possesses a few movie parodies, but they're neatly folded into the film and rarely call attention to themselves.Instead, the film attempts to milk its remade storyline for all the satire and drama that it can, and director Kiefer Liu (AKA: Agan) partially succeeds.

The act turns him into an aspiring legit filmmaker and her into an international sex symbol." That sounds like a pretty fun movie, and so does Two Stupid Eggs.

That's a fine message for science fiction, but in the world of Two Stupid Eggs, it just seems like the characters are getting an emotional beatdown.

People earn money, attain a family, and discover what it is they truly want and/or need, but the journey is so deflating that disappointment can only occur.

At the very least, the pair of actors moves the film along such that one is willing to go where it's headed - assuming, of course, that the destination is worth the trip.

The big problem: the movie pretty much derails after its big "moment", sending the whole film into that cinematic limbo that occurs when you take an obvious comedy and attempt to squeeze topical drama out of it.

The film starts off in a relatively promising fashion, thanks to some amusing satire on the whole movie-within-a-movie concept.

People are lining up to be in Wen Tao's crappy production, and the notoriety that Wen Tao achieves when he's outed for groping actresses (its all a frame-up) earns some decent laughs.) while delivering an attractive portrait of modern Shanghai and its diverse, calculating citizenry.Guo Tao is a game performer and Annie Liu is certainly easy on the eyes, if not that much of an actress.The sequel-in-name-only to last year's hit Chinese film Big Movie, Two Stupid Eggs is a remake of Torremolinos 73 starring Guo Tao (Crazy Stone) as the salesman who becomes a filmmaker, and Annie Liu (Exodus) as the wife who becomes an adult film star.Hold on a second - Annie Liu as an accidental porn star?!?Four years later, Alexandratou won the title "Miss Greece.

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