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Advertising resource dating - www dating in ireland com

In the spirit of Valentines Day, we wanted to share the surprising similarities between dating and SEO.In the dating world, when you start looking for a potential mate, you look for someone who’s in good shape and has specific physical appearance characteristics that appeal to you.

We don’t want unambitious, no-name sites – instead, we want to link to sites and brands that are recognized within their industries and that have achieved a high domain authority, high Page Rank and high Moz Rank to match.Think, for a second, about how you approach potential dates.You don’t walk up to that special guy or girl and say, flat out, “Date me now!” (Or, at least, I hope for your sake that you don’t!) Instead, you approach the process with a measure of care, taking the time to set up a well-rounded online dating profile, working on your best pickup lines and starting off a new relationship with a few careful calls or text messages.Over time, this partnership may evolve into a serious relationship, but you won’t get to this stage without a major investment from both parties!

Link building experts recommend the same “slow and steady” approach for your SEO campaigns.

When it comes to dating, we often seek out matches who have obtained a high level of status and popularity.

We look for partners who have good networking skills and are associated with the “right” types of people.

But the same types of repetition that kill a relationship can also doom your website.

Your readers want fresh and unique content to keep them interested, while the search engines want to see a variety of keywords, anchor texts and link building techniques in order to reward your site.

For example, if you like a woman with a curvaceous physique or a man with a good sense of style, you’ll seek out these traits in a potential date.

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