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I start with assessing developmental history, losses and trauma, and behavioral health issues.

In a safe, trusting environment, clients find their truth and strength.""My, name is Thad Widmer and I am a licensed clinical social worker with more than 10 years experience in the counseling arena."Problems with alcohol or alcoholism, prescription pills (including opiates), marijuana, and/or behavioral processes such as gambling and sexual addiction / compulsivity most often require a sustained personal commitment and professional intervention to overcome.Relationships and marriage often need counseling to repair and private confidential treatment is indispensable.Other times we may understand why we struggle but lack the skills or support needed to make and sustain change.""I use a strengths based and solution focused approach when working with clients.I am able to establish trust and gain repore with my clients by using empathy, reflective listening, and erasing judgment from the equation.I then clarify with the client how I can assist them with their identified goals.""Psychotherapy is a journey to our inner world.

The most common motivator to begin therapy is psychic pain.I offer a welcoming relaxed environment for helping individuals find new resources for self care, and rediscover their own inner strengths.I practice a client-centered, non-directive style of hypnotherapy that easily integrates with a clients own practices of meditation, prayer, self-reflection or mindfulness practice.Contact me If you're looking for support and guidance through life's challenges or simply seeking to improve the quality of your life.""I've been in private practice since 1999 and have worked primarily in Helena, Great Falls and Missoula.I have worked with thousands of people, helping them make positive changes in their lives.I will go the distance to empower a full return to mental health and wellness.""Life is unpredictable with many challenges and changes that occur to us all.