Adult chatbots

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He believes the realism of his software will differentiate it from cruder adult chatbots already available online. When Levy published Love and Sex with Robots, the culmination of his years of research into android-human relationships, many thought he was positing machines as a stand-in for human relationships. He said: "I get asked, why is it better to have sex with a robot than with a human?But that’s not the question, the question is - would you prefer to have no love at all, or to have love and sex with a robot?

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He said: "We will have a dialogue history whereby our chatbots will remember all of your conversations and details, so when it talks to you again, it will know what it has said in the past.

Is it wise to encourage young men (and women) to form relationships with beings that never say no?

Asked what his family thinks about his work, Levy said: "My wife thinks men who are interested in this are a bit weird." He acknowledges that people who use robots for sexual gratification may be "different", but claims the technology isn’t too far off women using vibrators.

"That means it can avoid repetition and use information gleaned from you to enhance future conversations." He added: "The linguistic philosophy we’re following is one that enables our software to get an understanding of what the user means." Levy predicted in 2008 that sex robots would arrive just a few years later.

He now admits his timing was off but still thinks it will happen, pointing to a Californian sex doll company, Real Doll, that has just announced the first dolls which will talk back.

A chatbot isn’t a real-life robot, but a programme that uses natural language processing to talk convincingly to humans, via a chat room or an app.

Levy’s earlier, non-sexual chatbots have twice won the Loebner Prize, an annual competition for AI programmes.He said: "I have always felt conversation and speech recognition are the two hardest aspects of AI, but I did anticipate it would only be a matter of years before the first crude sex doll came onto the market."I think that others will soon follow, as soon as it’s established that there’s a market for robots with electronics.The videos follow two male-voiced and female-voiced chatbots as they get to know one another.In one episode, the female bot asks: ‘What is a chatbot, if it isn’t like a robot?Take Siri, Apple’s smart personal assistant on i Phone.

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