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User groups and newsgroups popped up online over the next decade and a half, as did countless Jeffries imitators and knockoffs each one boasting better and more proven techniques.

Regardless, you must acknowledge his impact on a good number of people, and his business prowess.

Jeffries' approaches to seduction do seem alarmingly similar to the old "club her in the head and drag her to your cave" routine perfected by our ancients.

When he suggests that sexual innuendo can be hidden in everyday phrases to subconsciously influence a woman's behavior, he's literally suggesting that men use a weapon (hypnosis) on their target (the woman).

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" There are myriad promises available to the consumer at his website, including the secret of "irresistible arousal" and more than a few strange tactics involving something Ross Jeffries calls "magick". The controversy surrounding most of the so-called Seduction Community involves Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction as well.

I'll leave it at this: there is a New Age, metaphysical aspect to Jeffries approach to seduction advice that is all but missing in the rest of his community. There are many who would make claims to Jeffries' tactics and techniques, and many more who claim that Jeffries stole or at least closely mirrored the teachings of those who came before him.

This is why, to this day no one has been able to patent any of these supposed "techniques" material on how to seduce women has existed for centuries, and you could make the case that nothing's ever really changed.

While some in the community stress Jeffries importance to the contemporary seduction "movement" after all, his self-published 1990 title How to Get the Women You Desire Into Bed pretty much launched the movement, or at least propelled it to a size where calling it a movement isn't a complete joke.

Perhaps it is inevitable, but Ross Jeffries is simply not as important now as he was to this community at one time.

He has produced cassette tapes, given seminars, released DVDs, and brought tons of press to the community, and at the time the ideas behind Speed-Seduction were a kind of Holy Grail for PUAs.

It seemed this was the master plan for seduction, that finally there was a chance for ugly, fat or otherwise unattractive guys to date the women they dreamed about.

Because of positions like this, Jeffries has kind of always been an outcast. Coming from a world full of people like Steele and worse, Jeffries comes off as the kind of guy you'd take home to meet your mother is this another kind of seduction altogether?

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